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Full Scalp Bonding

Hair System is removed from clients head, all glue and build-up is removed by letting soak in our special solution to ensure cleaned. System is washed, conditioned, blow dried and styled. Clients head is washed and given a hair cut and blow dry.

Color, highlights, lowlights, root touch up on your growing hair.

Additional there are selective hair systems (human only) we can look at prior to coloring to determine if in fact they could be colored.

Pricing Varies

Adhesives, Tapes & Solvents


Pricing Varies

8 oz cleansing and revitalizing shampoo

Pricing Varies

8 oz color retention shampoo

Pricing Varies

8 oz Restructuring conditioner

Pricing Varies

Home Treatment System

Pricing Varies

Moisture Healing Conditioner

Pricing Varies

Moisture Healing Conditioning Mask

Pricing Varies

Moisture Healing Shampoo


Color Refresher Short


Color Head/Long Thick


Color Head/Long Thin


Color Head/Short Thick


Color Head/Short Thin


Color Refresher Long


Color Unit Long


Color Unit Short


Eyebrow Color


Foils Partial Long Unit


Foils Partial Short Unit




Full Foils Long


Full Foils Short


Deep Conditioning Long


Deep Conditioning Short




Clip Tape


Perimeter Bonding Long


Perimeter Bonding Medium


Perimeter Bonding Short Mens


Perimeter Bonding Short Womens


Scalp Bond






Snap/Line Shampoo


Men's Haircut




Women's Haircut

First free

New Client

all others 50.00


Perm Short


Perm Long


1/4 Hour Hair Add


1 Hour Hair Add


1/2 Hour Hair Add


2 Hour Hair Add


3/4 Hour Hair Add


Base Repair


Hair Add (not purchased here)

per hour


Flat Iron


Keratin Smoother Long


Keratin Smoother Short


1/2 Wave




Blow/Set Senior


Full Rewave


Shampoo Unit Long


Shampoo Unit Short

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